What’s in the Box for October 28 – 31, 2014

Super Scary Edition

Mysterious absence – Linda and Steven are going to be missing the week of Thanksgiving (Nov 25-28).  No boxes that week. No one seems to know why.

In this week’s box we have:

  • Mountain Rose poltergeist potatoes
  • Delacata squished squash
  • Jolene’s Blood Red and Ghoulish Golden Marconi peppers
  • Dinosaur kale OR RIP rapini
  • spine-chilling salad reds and greens
  • zombie arugula
  • herbs – monster mint and rogue rosemary*

*Are your herbs becoming cadaverous or skulking about in the back of your fridge?  Here’s a little trick to turn those extra herbs into a, ahem, treat.  Just put the herbs you don’t use on a paper plate and let them dry at room (but not crypt) temperature, keeping them away from strong light (they like it dark, very dark indeed).  When dry, put your potion in an air-tight jar to keep for up to one year (or until the goblins are out again).

–posted by Steven


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