Friday Farm Cat Blogging

Here is Fluffalo, rhymes with bison.  He stays around the house, and patrols the greens and herb gardens.


Photo credit: © L. Butler

An extraordinarily gentle creature, he is, nonetheless, our best mouser. and, thankfully, seems to have lost his desire to hunt birds.

He really likes people, in a very kitten-like way, but often cowers when approached.  Get down on his level, and he warms up.  It isn’t really that he’s all that timid – he stood up to a rattlesnake (and survived the bite, I’m not sure I can say the same about the snake) – but I think the height of people looming over him makes his nervous.

I’m pretty sure Fluffalo had a more dignified name once upon a time, but no one can seem to recall it.  He’s just Fluffalo.

Fluffalo was a rescue kitten.  Our thanks to Brad and Linda Briske for finding him for us.

–posted by Steven


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