Out of Water (almost)

As most of you are probably all too aware, we had the driest January – March in recorded history for the county.  As a result, our well has been running at about half of its usual capacity since April, and now is producing around 1,200 gallons a day.  To make up the shortfall, we have been pumping out of our rain catch basin.  That ended about a week ago, when the level of that pond was so low that the pump is now starting to show.  It’s a little hard to see in this picture, but you can get a little sense of the scale by lookin at the car in the background.


Photo credit: © L. butler

The pond is about 80′ across and about 16′ deep. There’s still a few thousand gallons left, and we will get that out by siphoning with a garden hose if we need to.

Fortunately, we have another pond – our meadow pond. We’ve never used it for irrigation before, and it has grown into a rather lush environment with lily pads, duck weed, and even willow trees – not bad for a plastic lined pond! I think there’s enough water in there to take us into November, assuming the well still holds up to its reduced volume. We can all hope we get rain by then, because if we don’t, we are out of options.

Getting water out of the meadow pond turns out to be an interesting exercise in jury rigging. I put together a siphon line and ran it downhill to our spring pipe, which already had a pump in place. The siphon puts the water into the pipe, and the pump takes it up to our holding tanks. The only challenge is keeping our makeshift filter clear of algae. Still, it’s working well enough that we can keep the crops watered, and that’s what matters.

Pray, dance, sing, or shout for an early rain.

–posted by Steven


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  1. ken

    On the 21st we’ll bring wine to drink to give your well a little break…..

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