Tomato Grafting – Side by Side Comparison

We tried something new this year – tomato grafting.  pHred Molnar, our longtime friend and drop-off location owner, grafted a variety of heirloom tomato scion seedlings onto a special root stock tomato plant – Maxifort F1, and then generously donated them to the farm.  The idea is that this root stock is highly disease resistant and can protect the grafted top, which will bear the true heirloom tomato fruit.  You can read all about this technique as Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

The results thus far are impressive:

photo credit: L. Butler

As you can see, the grafted plants on the right of the pepper row are nearly double in size from the ones grown on their own roots.  The cages on both rows are about 7′ tall.  These were planted at the same time with starts that were the same size.

The final test, of course, will be in the quality and quantity of fruit.   We’ll keep you posted.

–posted by Steven


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