Farm Log 2/12 – 2/18, 2012

Here is our weekly report of what was sown and what was harvested during prior week  Well, make that 2 weeks ago. Check out those pepper varieties!




How Sown

Broccoli Atlantis Sown in cells in greenhouse
Celtuce Sown in cells in greenhouse
Eggplant Rossa Bianca, Millionare,Kurume Long Sown in cells in greenhouse
Kale Lacinato Direct sown in outside bed
Lettuce green summer crisp, Barbados, galactic, outredgeous red romaine, Lollo Rossa Sown in cells in greenhouse
Parsley Transplanted to outside beds
Peppers Aji Crystal, Aleppo, Anaheim M, Ancho, Baccia di Satana, Big Jim, Black Pearl, Cascabel, Chiltepin, Chimayo, Corne de Chevre, Cayenna Goat Horn, Corno de Toro, Costeno Amarillo, Chilhaucle Amarillo, Chilhaucle Negro, Chilhaucle Rojo, Corno de Capra, Cyklon, Espelette, Etna, Fresno, Friggitello, Guajillo, Habinero red, Hungarian Hot Wax, Gypsy, Jalapeno Jalafuego, Jimmy Nardello, Joe’s Long cayenne, Julia’s Tuscan, Marconi Golden, McMahon’s Texas Bird, Mulato Isleno, Nu Mex Joe Parker, Padron, Pasilla , Onza Amarillo, Onza rojo, Tondo Calabrese, Piquin, Rio Grande, Rocoto red, Rossa dolce da Apendere, San Salvatore Calabrese, Senise, Serrano, Sigaretta, Thai Hot, Topepo Rosso, Baklouti Tunisia, Beaver Dam, Melrose Italian, Jalapeno El Jefe, Barker’s Nu Mex, Cascabel, Chile de Arbol, Portugese hot, Leutshauer hot paprika, Maule’s Red Hot, Piquillo, Mirasol, Caloro, Criolla Sella Sown in cells in greenhouse
Tomato Arbason F1, Stupice Sown in cells in greenhouse



Variety (if recorded)

Broccoli Tender stem
Cabbage Farai
Chard Bietola da Coste, Rainbow
Chicory Rossa Italiana, Catalogna pugliese, puntearelle
Collard Greens
Erba Stella
Fava Beans shoots and flowers
Fennel Bronze
Garlic Green
Herbs blue tuscan rosemary
Kale Siberian, Red Russian
Micros amaranth, celery, cilantro, Bulls Blood beets, blood sorrel
Nettle stinging
Pea Shoots dwarf grey
Salad Reds & Greens
Sorrel Red-veined
Turnips hakurei

–posted by Steven


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