Neotoma fuscipes

aka Dusky-footed Woodrat. It’s a cute little guy:

(Picture from UC Santa Cruz.) They live throughout the woods that surround the farm, and will often sneak in to try to grab some tasty delicacies. We have cats in the main farm field, who tend to discourage Neotoma fuscipes, but, alas, no cats (yet) on the ridge.

A couple of days ago, we came across a rather well eaten broccoli head:

We weren’t sure what was eating it (and we still aren’t certain), but the next day, the rest of the head was gone. When we pulled the leaves back, we found this:

Those red flakes are from chile peppers, which were growing nearby (and which are still hanging on some dead plants). It looks like our woodrats had found a nice little chow nest.

It’s hard to get mad at these little guys, but we do have to keep them out of the crops.  We are hoping to put in the feline patrol in a few days.

–posted by Steven



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2 responses to “Neotoma fuscipes

  1. liz

    Pretend you are real farmers and stop feeding your cats. I grew up on a real farm and no true farmer ever feeds their cats.

  2. bookmarked!!, Ι lovve үоu site!

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