A few more pics of what’s growing in the hoophouse

The lettuces look beautiful but at this time of year they seem to take forever to mature.  These first two were sown 11/04 and transplanted 11/30 and here it is over a month in the ground and they are still weeks away from harvest.  They didn’t really start to put on some size until we passed the winter solstice and the days began to lengthen:

On the other hand the Ruby Streaks mizuna took only about four weeks:

Growing in hoop houses is new to us, this is the first winter that we’ve had them.  I expected the crops to grow a little faster because they are a little warmer but without strong sunlight growth is still pretty slow.  When to sow what is a great big learning curve.  I’ve read many books written by east coast farmers, west coast farmers, and still it’s your own micro climates, soil differences, and sunlight that takes time to learn.  My latest study is called Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades by Steve Solomon.  The book discusses growing year around in our warmer climate.  It explains well the effects of reduced sunlight and winter growing.

–posted by Linda


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