Starting a New Bed – Day 2

Not a great shot, but here we are at Day 2.  I’ve roughed out the full length of the bed, and Felix and Chuy have put down the 1/2″ hardware cloth and are starting to fill the first row with sifted soil and compost.  We use these OSB dividers (you can see them a little better in the next photo)  to separate the growing rows (42″ wide)  from the aisles (20″).  Rocks and such go into the aisles.  After spending all day on about 12 feet of finished row, we decided that we will only sift the top foot of the bed, and just rake out rocks and roots from the lower 2 feet.  This should cut our labor time by about 2/3.  We are using a frame with 1/2″ wire for the sifting.

Here’s a better shot of the sifted soil:


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